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C&S Admin Documents



Common Constitution

ConstitutionWord40 KB


Guides / Reports

C&S Event Policy(Ticketsolve)Word230 KB
Chairing Committee MeetingsPDF16 KB
Clubs & Societies Room FacilitiesPDF116 KB
Committee RolesWord36 KB
Emergency General MeetingWord10 KB
Equipment FundingWord14 KB
Event ManagementWord20 KB
Guidelines for running your Club/SocietyWord139 KB
Guidellines on Approved Capitation SpendWord45 KB
Hints & Tips for Minute TakingWord16 KB
How To Setup A Club or SocietyWord25 KB
Inter-Varsity Participation FormPDF37 KB
Intervarsity EventsWord12 KB
League Table submission Form & GuidelinesWord500 KB
Marketing & ExposureWord14 KB
New Club/Society Application Form SetupWord83 KB
Poster PolicyPDF52 KB
RecognitionWord14 KB
Running Safe EventsWord13 KB
Student Sport IrelandWord56 KB
The BankWord1 MB
The HandoverWord15 KB
The Handover AgreementWord116 KB
The National Society Awards: BICSWord44 KB
Violation Of Capitation RulesWord12 KB
What Should Your New Club or Society Application Include?Word18 KB


Health & Safety

Location of Defibrillators on CampusWord11 KB
Action in the event of FireWord13 KB
C&S Safety StatementWord114 KB
Fire Assembley Points North CampusPDF214 KB
Fire Assembley Points South CampusPDF156 KB
First Aid & Medical EmergenciesWord14 KB
Maynooth UniversityAlcohol PolicyWord65 KB


C&S Budgets

Capitation Request FormWord268 KB
Off Campus Budget Allocation FormExcel147 KB
Receipt For C&SWord34 KB
Special Equipment Application FormPDF18 KB
Special Events Application FormPDF18 KB



Bank MandatePDF227 KB
C&S Charity LodgementsPDF92 KB
Change of Signatories BankLetterWord2 MB
Open a Bank AccountPDF1 MB


Personal Accident Insurance

Accident-Incident ReportPDF52 KB
C&S Accident Reporting & Insurance CoverWord31 KB



Athlete of the Year 2017Word108 KB
Best Club 2017Word114 KB
Best Club Event 2017Word116 KB
Best New Society 2017Word114 KB
Best Pastoral Society 2017Word62 KB
Best Photo 2017Word59 KB
Best Poster 2017Word90 KB
Best Society 2017Word112 KB
Best Society Event 2017Word116 KB
Best Society First Year 2017Word107 KB
Best Society Person 2017Word108 KB
Best Video 2017Word59 KB
Club Executive 2017Word108 KB
First Year Athlete 2017Word108 KB
Most Improved Club 2017Word118 KB
Most Improved Society 2017Word115 KB