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Access Society

Maynooth University Access Society - Inclusive for All!

The Maynooth Access Society is based at Maynooth University and organises socialising events as well as personal supports to members and the wider University community. Students who join this society mainly are from the Equal Access Routes to College (HEAR, DARE, Mature, QQI and Travellers) but our activities are inclusive to all students across the University community. The society is supported by the Maynooth Access Program ( We create inclusive and accessible events such as movie nights, lip sync battles, trips, Assassin's Creed, and our annual access ball. The Maynooth Access Society is a social society for EVERYONE to make life long friends!

The aims of the Society shall be to share and celebrate African and culture amongst the students of Maynooth University, to encourage people of all cultural backgrounds to express their interest in African culture through the exhibition of art, music, dance, debates, politics, and entertainment providing everyone with the opportunity to fully immerse them in such a rich and vibrant culture. The Africa Society will not only provide a social aspect within the society but a strong supportive network. We not only aim to encourage equality and diversity within the society but within the university by organizing events hosted by us to showcase our culture. The Africa Society seeks to celebrate all that is African and endorse a positive and empowering image of ethnicity – it’s all about coming together and being proud of our roots and sharing it with others.


Amnesty Society

For a World Where Human Rights are Enjoyed by All. Help Us Fight For Justice.

As a society we love to interact and engage with students as much as possible. We pride ourselves as being a society that is all about people and the study of people and their culture. For those of you who are interested in learning about different aspects of culture this is the society for you. We have plenty of documentary nights, guest speaker events and writing workshops that keep us busy all year round. Our amazing society trips are the best. Contact us through facebook, twitter, instagram or email and we'll be glad to help you with any comments or queries.


Arts Crafts and Design Society

The idea is to be creative!

The aim of our society is to get creative! Whether you draw or create, if you're serious about art, just do it for fun, or completely new to it, we'd love to have you involved! Last year we ran some pretty cool events and have run an amazing Colour Run in the past, and held plenty of workshops for drawing as well as some meetups. Join us this year for even more workshops, and even more exciting events!


Astro 2 Society

Physics and Astronomy Society

We are an astrophysics and astronomy society by trade.. but! Don't take us wrong, we've got a lot to do otherwise. While observation nights and just general physics oddities on the regular, we also have plans for different physics style projects, such as making our best attempt to put things in space. The society attracts people who study physics/astronomy, but also people with an interest in it. Getting to know the sky and weird physical principles is something I could almost bet a few nickels you'll take a liking to, even going to the effort of exchanging the currency too. , Bottom line, try us out. There's no second thoughts about it. Hey, we may end up sending you to space(if health and safety was ok with it, suppose we could try).


Biology Society

We're helicases - we know how to unzip your genes!

The Biology Society is Maynooth University's oldest society, and home to all things biological. Each year we do a biology themed international trip and many smaller domestic trips, host talks on a variety of topics and hold the Annual Sex Quiz.

We hold meetings and fellowships, host guest speakers, musical performances and concerts etc. We also hold success motivation seminars and workshops, during which motivational speakers will be invited to speak on various social topics. We focus and emphasise on leadership, growth and development. BLW Campus Ministry Society has a large network spanning in over 50 universities in the UK and Ireland. These include Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin City University, NUI Galway, Ulster University, University of Exeter, University of East London, University of Hertfordshire, and Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge. Campus ministry host a concert called Vibes in the UK, where we can meet other BLW Campus ministries around the world, for a weekend of fun, fellowship and live music. Our fellowship is one of many in Ireland and England. This year we are hoping to create a deeper connection throughout these fellowships and allow everyone to experience the power of Gods love through our unique family. There will be opportunities to travel for events both, nationally and internationally. Our Christian faith is our motivation for creating this society. We strongly believe that God is love, and by His grace all things are possible. We believe that by creating this environment of faith and love, anyone who joins will see themselves grow and flourish and achieve all their dreams. So if you would like to join us for a night of getting to know God, socializing with fellow Christians and just growing in your faith, then this is the society for you! We hold weekly fellowships every Monday at 6pm in Callan Building, the room will be confirmed. (There will be refreshments)


Bosco Society

Open discussion group based around understanding life over a cup of tea and a biscuit

Have you ever found yourself asking the 'big' questions in life? Do €1.50 chicken fillet rolls give meaning to your life, or do you think that there might be something more? Has it ever crossed your mind that there might be a God out there- or there might not? Are you looking for a logical understanding as to the possibility of life? Bosco Soc is a discussion group for students, based around understanding life and existence, with a focus towards God. We hold fortnightly meetings, where we have a brief talk on a subject before opening the floor to conversation around the topic of the night. Throughout the year we will host guest speakers, as well as people from within MU, and tackle the questions otherwise not asked, while having a laugh over a cup of tea. So, if you are someone who would like to come and tease out the bigger questions in life, such as - The pursuit of happiness - Life after death - Evolution - Relationships - Superstition - God and the Catholic faith - The creation of the universe - The need of music - Cheapest food in Maynooth, and so much more- then come along to our meetings, even if it is just for the free tea and biscuits ;) There will always be something to learn, disagree on, question, wonder at and something to make you scratch your head.


Business Society

MU Business Society - where your greater journey begins!

Maynooth University Business Society is one of MU's leading societies, having been accredited a number of awards at Clubs & Societies Awards over the past 5 years including Societies League Table Winners, Society Person of The Year and the Give A Little, Do A Lot Charity Award. With this society, we aim to assist students in their search for both work placement and employment, carry out charity and community work, provide socializing and networking platforms, and bring to you a variety of guest speakers throughout the year. Our society is open to all MU Students from all years and faculties. This year again we have our amazing members discount card providing some fantastic deals and offers for our members with brands such as The Roost, Mischief, Capatian Americas, Wow Burger and Nightlife Ireland. Once again we are delighted to have PwC come on board as our main sponsor. PwC is Ireland''s largest professional services firm offering services in Assurance, Risk, Tax and Consulting and will be joining us throughout the year.


Cancer Society

We Won't Give Up Until Cancer Does.

Sadly, in today's world most families have been affected by cancer at some point in their lives, and we want to change that. This society will raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society while also raising awareness about the different types of cancer and the importance of early detection and self-examination. . We have many popular events back this year, including Movember, the Relay for Life and Daffodil day and other smaller events including bag packing and cake sales. In these events we will be looking for members to volunteer their time to help raise much needed funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

Welcome to Maynooth Cards Society. Here at the Cards Society, we welcome people of all skill levels to learn, play and enjoy all variants of card games. We play regularly in the Student's Union, including a weekly No Limit Hold'em Tournament. We are also hoping to have a few big events this year including an Intervarsity Tournament. Feel free to message us on MSU Life or reach out to us on Facebook @nuimcards for more information.


Chemistry Society


'Chemistry is part of our daily lives', if you are a Chemistry student or just simply interested in Chemistry itself, the ChemSoc is inviting YOU to sign up! It's a great opportunity to make new friends, learn and discuss basic concepts of Chemistry and its history, participate on the ChemSoc committee, attend AGMs at which pizza and drinks will be provided, and many more. We hope you participate! Also feel free to contact the committee if you have any query.


Chinese Society


Maynooth University Chinese Society was first set up to help Chinese students who were coming to study on their own, miles away from home, to settle down and make friends. Create a home for students who share a similar background. The main objective is to help students in Maynooth University by providing them with invaluable experiences through events and activities we host throughout the year. We aim to celebrate Chinese culture and language and increase interaction between students through social events and informal meetings throughout the academic year.


Christian Union Society

Seek. Share. Serve.

We are a group of Christians who meet regularly to explore the Christian faith through fellowship, worship and scripture. This society welcomes both Christians and non Christians alike to meet together and chat over tea and coffee. We aim to explore Christianity through teachings that are accessible to everyone.


Circus Society

Impress, Amaze, Inspire.

Circus Society is a collection of people who come together to learn new skills and teach others their own. A community effort to help one another improve, revolving around the goals of fun, self improvement and performance. Come and learn how to or improve all sorts of circus. Absolutely everyone is welcome. Juggling balls or clubs, hula hoop, diablo, poi, handstands and acrobatics, clown and character creation, and more. If You can imagine it you can do it, If you can't imagine it then its perfect for the circus. The skills and traits that circus hones and encourages have many varied and useful applications. The Social, Educational and Physical Benefits of juggling and circus are well documented. Improving creative thinking, learn to persevere in face of difficulties all while having fun. Juggling, the art of manipulating patterns in free space using props, is our main tool to achieve these goals, but the term Circus encompasses more than just this. Circus means using whatever you want to impress, amaze and inspire. also unicorns. We attend Circus Conventions during the year, collaborating, competing and learning with other circus groups, attending shows and workshops where we can learn directly under professional international performers. A little intro video into what one of these is like HERE . National Circus Festival Ireland 2016 .


Computer Science Society

Maynooth's Computer Science Society

Welcome to the MU Computer Science Society. We meet every Thursday of term in CB8 in the Callan Building at 7pm. Our weekly activities include talks, trips and discussions. It's a great opportunity for like-minded people to grow their networks and seek useful advice. We hope to see you there!


Creative Writing Society

Think it, Dream it, Write it!

Hey there Maynoothian's! We're the Maynooth University Creative Writing Society and if you have any interest in creative writing of any kind, we are the society for you! Our job is to help you gain confidence in your creations by sharing, receiving and giving constructive criticism to help you improve in any way we can! We'll run a series of workshops in all things writing, collaborate with other clubs and societies along with basing our weekly writing challenges on the University's themed weeks . We will also have our own genre themed weeks! So if you love to write and want to hang out with a bunch of creative people, we'll see you all later this year!

Hi Guys, We are the new criminology society!! We hope to be hosting numerous events over the year, some academic and some social. We are also a commuter friendly society. We plan on looking after any criminology students, or any students on campus that have an interest in criminology. As we are a new society, we are open to all suggestions for events and trips away you might have. Keep an eye out for events we are hosting next semester :)


Cuallacht na Gaeilge Society

Ní neart go chur le chéile!

Dia dhaoibh agus fáilte go Cuallacht na Gaeilge Mhá Nuad! Tá sé mar aidhm den Chuallacht pobal infheicthe na Gaeilge a chruthú agus ár dteanga a chur chun cinn ar fud na hollscoile agus sa tír ar fad. Tá seomra na Gaeilge suite i bhFoirgneamh na nEalaíon agus is áit réchúiseach í ina bhfuil Gaeilgeoirí in ann bualadh lena chéile agus Gaeilge a labhairt. Tá an seomra ar oscailt ó 9r.n. go 6i.n. gach lá. Bíonn 'Tae gus Plé' ar siúl sa Seomra ag a 1 gach Déardaoin chun seans a thabhairt do lucht na Gaeilge bualadh le chéile agus sos a thógáil le cupán tae. Beidh neart ócáidí ar siúl againn i rith na bliana, mar shampla Bál na Gaeilge sa dara seimeastar. Má tá suim agat do theanga a choimeád agus cairde nua a dhéanamh buail isteach agus bí linn!

One of the largest and most active societies on campus....introducing MU's BEST society of 2015/2016 MAYNOOTH DANCE SOCIETY! We have classes to suit any age, level and style of dance! Whether you're here to learn some new skills, get fit or just have fun we're the ones to come to! Weekly classes in LYRICAL, JAZZ, IRISH DANCING, HIPHOP and ZUMBA all available. Along with regular workshops and many events and trips! For those of you interested in competing we have a number of national titles, check out our Inters routines on Youtube! Many exciting surprises upcoming this year...Make sure to request membership and visit us on Fairs Day to hear all about it!


Design Lab Society

Its all about perspective

MU Design Labs. Are you interested in the world of design or would you like to become part of it? why not join MU Design Society. We are a society create by product designers, yet we do not want to limit ourselves to product design. We hope to discuss and learn other aspects of design be it graphic, industrial etc. We hope to hold talks, workshops and events based around the topic of design while having a laugh along the way. We hope to see you there.


Deukuma Society

'Making German fun, one ludicrous word at a time'

Guten Tag Kumpels from us all here at Deukuma! We're the new and improved Deukuma, the German Society of Maynooth University. Our aim is to make the German language and culture come alive right here on campus. Despite our tagline, we aren't just here for the language element of German! German culture is not just about the Bier und Bratwurst, but about having the craic! We want our German members to teach us about the culture of their regions, and most of all, we want you to tell us why you love Germany as much as we do. We are going to run movie nights, "Stammtische" or "Regular Table", Kaffee und Kuchen mornings aaand last but certainly not least, organise a trip to Germany! Those are just some of the ways you'll find friends in Deukuma. So komm mit! You can be a native speaker or have no German at all, this is your society and we just want you to join in and have a great time! Mit Liebe, Deukuma


Disney Society

Hakuna Matata

Disney Society is for anyone who loves Disney. We aim to provide three events a week, two movie nights and one commuter event. We always have snacks and drinks at our events and even have special treats like pizza or spice bags at our really special events. We host many charity events throughout the year as well as going to Disneyland Paris every year. We welcome every student and staff member on campus and love to have you all at our events to become a part of our family. We are very active on our social medias so give them a look if you ever want to know what we are doing! Disney Society is Ohana. Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.


DJ Society

No Requests

We aim to create a fun atmosphere for the student body and to teach aspiring DJ’s. We also help DJ’s to network with local promoters and DJ’s so that they can find their own gigs and kickstart their DJing career. We hold weekly meetings, having a laugh and showing members the ropes, some of whom have went from having no knowledge to now having played in nightclubs around the country. Last year was somewhat of a revival for MU DJ Soc. We, the committee, didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves in for last September and we took each week as it came. We had a strong focus on building strong foundations so that the Soc would be successful for the long run. Thankfully our efforts were recognized and we were lucky enough to win Most Improved Society 2017/18 and Best Society Fresher at the Clubs and Socs awards. The resurrection of DJ Soc has created an outlet for those with an interest in DJing and music to come together to meet new people, make friends and learn new skills. It also created a trustworthy, quality source of DJs to play at events run by the SU or other societies.


Drama Society

Don't worry, it's for a play!

Hello everybody! Welcome to the Drama Society in Maynooth, also known as the Roscian Players. If you have any interest in any aspect of theatre, be it acting, directing, technicals, stage management, stage construction, improv, etc., we gotcha covered! We do workshops every week on a Monday at 7pm in Classhall E, 2 festivals a year, Blackbox and Debutantes, which is solely for first time actors with our society, and at least 4 full plays a year. We take anyone and everyone of every skill level, and we include everyone if they wanna get involved with us. Think you had enough drama in your life? You thought wrong


Education Society

Not just for teachers!

We are a society for anybody considering becoming a teacher. We run events and courses to add to and boost your Curriculum Vitae as you pursue a career in the field of Education! Not just for teachers!


Electronics Eng. Society

EGM Wednesday the 10th of October 6:30PM JH4. Come say hi !

Electronic Engineering Society run social events throughout the academic year to help integrate students of all years and courses. These events allow students to take a break from the heavy workload. EGM Wednesday the 10th of October 6:30PM JH4. Come say hi !


ELSA Society

European Law Students' Association - Maynooth

The European Law Students' Association is the largest independent law student organisation in the world, with over 40,000 members in 43 countries around Europe. ELSA Maynooth members have been actively involved internationally in ELSA Delegations, ELSA Law Schools, the STEP programme, ELSA Legal Research Groups, the ELSA Law Review, ELSA Moot Court Competitions and our annual ELSA Maynooth International Negotiation Competition. ELSA Maynooth has also developed a strong involvement with Model United Nations. Our delegation to the Belfast MUN in November 2015 was a Maynooth University first and we have continued this engagement with a delegation to EireMUN in Cork in January 2016 and by hosting our own internal Maynooth MUN conference (‘MUMUN’) in February 2016. We have also organised many innovative local activities in recent years, including the ELSA Maynooth Speaker Series, Human Rights Week, mock interviews, interview and CV workshops and study groups for first year students. Many of our officers and members have served in key positions on the ELSA International Team and the ELSA Ireland National Board. Don't miss out on the long list of local, national and international opportunities that ELSA offers - join ELSA Maynooth today! Feel free to get in contact with us by email at or on Facebook and Twitter


Enactus Society

The Social Innovation Society

We are Enactus Maynooth and our mission is to act for the good of society. Every year we work collaboratively to find new and novel solutions to every day problems in order to transform lives. We are always looking for new and promising projects to work on and we need your unique perspective to add spark to our creative process. As a member of our society you will get the chance to travel; meet new people from Maynooth and other third level institutions; and attend regular training sessions, leadership summits and competitions both at home and abroad. This is also a prime opportunity to gain internships with the biggest names in the Irish economy. It's not all hard graft and valuable work experience though, because we at Enactus Maynooth enjoy a good night out as much as every other Enactus society across the country.


Environmental Soc Society

Bringing environmental awareness to the campus and beyond.

Maynooth University Environmental Society is a new society (2017) formally called the Green Campus Society. We aim to encourage Maynooth Students to become more environmentally aware and educate fellow students through events such as talks, documentary screenings and workshops in order to make our campus a more sustainable place. For more information please get in touch we would love to hear from you and welcome you to our team. :)

The Feminist Society is an intersectional, pro-choice society promoting the equality of all genders! Join us for workshops, speakers, films, debates and tea time talks - we have at least one event every week!

MU Finomics is excited to announce our partnership with Goodbody Stockbrokers from September 2017; presenting the Maynooth University Student Management Fund. Goodbody are sponsoring our society €10,000 to invest on the stock market in a portfolio designed and controlled by the societies members. This partnership is proudly endorsed by The Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting and the Student's Union at Maynooth University. We welcome Investors at all levels of experience. This program will include extra lecture sessions on Investment Appraisal by Dr. Rousseau and his colleagues in the Dept. as well as excellent insights into a career in multiple disciplines within the industry of Finance through talks by Goodbody staff members. We have agreed a deal with Goodbody which will see all profits earned by MU Finomics going directly to charity. Goodbody Stockbrokers have also announced that they will be opening applications to their 10 week Summer Internship program to all participants of the Student Management Fund via MU Finomics. We are the only Society in Maynooth University offering a direct route to internships in one of Ireland's largest and an award-winning Financial Services firm. No other society can boast the fact they have drawn the attention of MU Finomics, proven in the willingness of an outsider to invest as much time and money as that of Goodbody Stockbrokers. Of course as with all societies at Maynooth we know how to throw a good team-bonding session. We hope to meet all of you Investment Bankers of tomorrow very soon!

F.L.A.C provides free legal advice to both students and the public with the aid of trained legal professionals. In addition to providing the clinics we also train interested students with the skills to advise at these clinics.


French Society

Où est la piscine

The Maynooth University French Society aims to promote the French language and culture in MU both for students of French in Maynooth and for people who are interested in everything France has to offer. We will hold weekly events along with several oral workshops which will be available for anyone who wishes to improve their French skills. We will explore all areas of French culture including music, sport, cuisine and movies. There will also be French soc soirées as well as our matinées cafés! N'oubliez pas d'inscrire sur MSU Life. À bientôt :D


Froebel Society

Play doesn't need to stop when you're an adult.

Welcome to the Froebel Society! We tie in with the Froebel department of primary and early childhood education here in Maynooth where we promote the teachings of Friedrich Froebel - child centredness, fun, freedom and play. All of our committee members aim to bring all of the Froebel fun to the rest of campus as much as possible. Between mixers, nights out, fundraisers, days out and the much anticipated annual Froebel ball (one of THE biggest amongst all societies in Maynooth) there is always something happening! Whether you're a teacher in training, have an interest in the course or just want to take part in all the fun and frolics of the society don't hesitate to join! We can't wait to meet and welcome back all our old and new members for what we hope will be the biggest and best year yet!


Gaisce Society

Here to provide guidance, inspiration and support for you on your Gaisce experience!!

Gaisce – The President’s Award is a self-development programme that encourages you to find your passion, get active and make a difference in your community! Gaisce is a direct challenge from the President of Ireland to young people aged 15-25 to dream big and realise their potential. There are three levels of Gaisce – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more time and energy you give, the greater the reward! By taking part in Gaisce, you will take on exciting personal, physical and community challenges and develop new skills and new friendships. Each level also involves an Adventure Journey that Gaisce Society plan and undertake as a group, this is a great way to spend time with other Gaisce participants and make lasting friendships for all the time you spend here in Maynooth! For more information on the requirements for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels see


Galway Cycle Society

Charity, Cycling and Craic

Maynooth Student's for Charity Society is about making a difference in the lives of children. The main event of the Society is the Galway Cycle. This is a cycle to Galway and back from the 5th to 7th of April 2019 for a nominated Irish Children's Charity (Vision Sports Ireland). Our ethos is all about Charity, Cycling and Craic.... At the AGM on the incoming committee for 2019 were elected, and the voting membership selected the recipient charity for the 2019 cycle, namely 'Vision Sports Ireland'. To prepare for the big event Cycling Training Sessions take place every Saturday & Sunday from January to April ....... CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! Registration for this special event will open soon....... watch this space as you will be able to REGISTER HERE! Over 200 people are registered so make sure to get in asap .......


Game of Thrones Society

Valar Morghulis - Winter is Here - Valar Doharies

Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon and we as students in Maynooth University are genuinely hooked. Whether its plotting to kill a Stark or Fillet a Lannister you must always watch your back! Winter is Here and the dead are with it. Join us in the fights against each other and the greatest threat coming from the North. We will wine, dine and murder our way to glory, Trust, lust and power, all in the name of the Game of Thrones. Come on Be a Throner, you know you want to!


Games Society

Play games with us!

JH5/JH6 every Tuesday starting 19th of September from 6:30 till 10:00 so come along and bring your mates or make some new ones while you're here! If you want to come play some games of any variety whilst meeting new people and making a load of friends this is the place for you! We cater to all forms of gaming: Board games, card games, console games, RPG's, wargamming, LAN and any other type you want us to run we'll do our best to try organise. Want to try out that new board game? We have it. Want to draft some Magic: The Gathering? We have boosters. Want to play Smash Bros? We'll put it up on a projector and make it look epic. Dungeons and Dragons campaign? We'll even hook you up with a tutorial room to run it in. Want to conquer your opponents in Warhammer? We got terrain and rule books covered. Want to play some ranked League of Legends / CS:GO etc. Come grab some team mates in the LAN room. Something missing from the list? Tell us and we'll make sure it's there! We gather weekly and run our big charity convention, Dominicon. It's a great place to come and make new friends, play some games, compete in competitions and win some prizes! If any of the above seemed appealing then this is definitely the society for you!


Geography Society

geology rocks!

Maynooth Geography Society runs geography related events throughout the year. You don't have to be a geography student to join, but if you're interested in people and places, this could be for you! We will be running film nights, quizzes and various trips and other events throughout the year. The geography Department also publishes a magazine - Milieu - and the geography society is responsible for this. So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a writer/editor, come along and get involved!


GradSoc Society

Maynooth University's Postgraduate Society

Representing around 2,000 postgraduates, GradSoc is a social and professional group which organizes events and meetings to promote postgraduate studies at Maynooth University. We have opportunities to get involved with the Graduate Studies Office and present events like career fairs and program inductions. We look forward to a great 2018/19 academic year! Email us at: Facebook: MU.GradSoc


History Society

History, written by the victors, discussed by us.

History. That's what we're all about here. We aspire to be a society where people who have an interest and passion about history can meet with each other, discuss what they want (From Geo-politics of the colonial era to Who had the best mustache of the 20th Century). We try to balance serious historical debate with good fun as we believe there is a demand for both from our members and people need to wind down as well as express their views on history. Here's a sample of some of of the things get up to: Weekly Meetups with food, drink and good discussion, Trips out to Museums, Pub Quizzes, Debates, Game nights


Hogwarts Society

For fun, friendship, and maybe magic ;)

Love all things Harry Potter? Well then, this is the right society for you. Here at Hogwarts Society, we love all things Harry Potter. From the movies, to the books, to weird fan theories. We welcome everyone to join our society, whether you're a hardcore fan, or you've never seen or read Harry Potter and would like to get into it. We host movie nights, sometimes with free pizza, book readings, competitions and giveaways so make sure you follow us twitter, like us on facebook and follow our snapchat to get all the information about all these great events.


IESN Society

International Students

I*ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is a society that brings together both International and Irish students to ensure incoming internationals enjoy their time in Maynooth. We plan trips and events in order to bring people together, make friends and create lifelong memories! We also help current students considering going abroad by providing information from our own experiences. Come join us to meet other and have the craic! Erasmus is not a year in a lifetime, it's a lifetime in a year!

Like every year plenty of students of Indian origin come to Maynooth university, so we wanted a platform where we could unite and bring in the Essence of Indian culture come to life at the University and in Maynooth Town, as we have witnessed a lot of events embracing the Indian culture happen at Dublin or places away from Maynooth. We believe that this would be not the late but the best opportunity for us to form an Indian Society and encourage other students at the university to get to see and the Indian Culture and know more about the festivals and celebration of India. Our aim is to organize different events ranging from celebrating Indian Festivals to organising trips exploring the diversity of Ireland as a group, so the Indian students can feel involved with a homely group while staying away from their country and also engage the university students to come enjoy the celebrations and also new experiences of a different culture altogether from a extensively diversified country, India.

The Islamic Society in Maynooth was set up by Muslim students who saw a need for a society that could represent and serve the Muslim students on campus. The Islamic society is an inclusive body which welcomes the support and involvement of non-Muslims. It provides a platform for students to develop themselves and work together towards bringing a positive change to our society. It is also aims to help clear any misconceptions about Islam by engaging in friendly dialogue on campus and developing unity as well as by collaborating with other societies. We would like to further contribute to the cultural enrichment of the diverse college community. We aim to promote the awareness of Islam & Muslims on campus and to facilitate a harmonious society in which all students can live and integrate with each other. MU ISoc invites everyone regardless of your religion or none, to join us in our wide range of events and activities; whether you are Muslim or not, trying to learn about Islam or just looking to make friends and have fun. There is something for everyone.


Israel Society

Pro Israel. Pro Peace. Pro Dialogue.

MU Israel Society is a a non political or religious society. We welcome all members, let them be of any religion or background. We wish to educate students about Israeli culture and society through fun events open to all. As the first ever pro Israel society in Ireland we have a lot to live up to, that's why we need you! Every member counts and we are free to join. Together we can work towards an ever lasting peace. We hope to see you soon and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions!


Japanese Culture Society

Youkoso, Nihonbu E!

The Maynooth University Japanese Society was founded with the intention of providing a forum in which to give expression to all kinds of Japanese Culture. We concentrate on a diverse range of topics, including literary, historical, artistic and linguistic aspects of Japanese culture, as well as Japanese cuisine. It is our objective to appeal to as varied an interest as possible, and to that end we encourage our members to give expression to any area of Japanese culture that they might be personally interested in. We aim to assist our members in attaining a broad understanding and appreciation for Japanese Culture in all its complexities and subtleties. As well as this, every year we work alongside the Japanese Embassy in Dublin, welcoming foreign students from Japan into Maynooth University through our society and allowing us to diversify our views on modern Japanese culture and the perseption of its appreciation. Finally, we see ourselves as the promoters of Japanese culture on campus, and therefore strive to ensure the continuation of Japanese language classes and other distinctly Japanese activities in our university.


JP II Society

Thinking about God with others.

The St John Paul II Theological Society provides a forum for theological discussion, in an effort to foster a deeper understanding of the richness, depth and beauty of our Catholic faith. We aim to achieve this by hosting talks and debates on explorations into the writings of various theologians and by discussing various theological questions that affect us today. We provide a forum for faith formation that is faithful to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. We strive to engage the students and staff of S.P.C.M. and M.U., and those in Maynooth parish and the surrounding area, in theological discussion and debate. As a Society, we are unapologetically Catholic. We are, in many ways counter cultural. We seek to reach out to people of all creeds, and those of no faith – who are open to the search for the Truth that sets us free. This truth has a name and is Christ who is “the way, the truth and the life” (Jn 14:6).

Maynooth University Students for Justice in Palestine is a society based around solidarity with the Palestinian citizens in the occupied territories and Israel.


Labour Society

Putting the Social into Socialism

The Labour Society is one of the most active political societies on campus! and we have big plans for this year, we will be running events on ; - Free Education - Repealing the 8th Amendment - Drug Legalization - A United Ireland and many social events including "Cocktails with Comrades" with other Labour Societies from UCD, DCU and Trinity. Become part of a national and European network of Social Democratic and Socialist Youth fighting for a more just and equal Ireland and Europe. Joining Labour Youth enables you to work with young people from across Europe in Young European Socialist events, and plenty more international opportunities. ________________________ What is Labour Youth? Labour Youth is a Social Democratic youth organisation for those aged 16- 30. We have been to the forefront of several campaigns in the last few years including: Ending Zero Hour Contracts, Repealing the 8th Amendment, European Youth Guarantee, #RelaunchingEurope, The introduction of a living wage, A more progressive tax system, Challenging sexism, homophobia, and transphobia, Internationally, we are affiliated to the Young European Socialists (YES) and the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) History of Labour Youth : Labour Youth was established in 1979 after the Party leader Frank Cluskey, working with the General Secretary, had set in process the establishment of a youth section in 1978. A Consultative Conference to set up Labour Youth took place in the Mansion House prior to Christmas 1978. The first annual conference of Labour Youth took place in on May 13th 1979 and saw the emergence of the Militant Tendency as a force to be reckoned with in the Youth section and in the Party at large. John Kelleher was elected as the first chair of Labour Youth and Jane Scott was the first secretary. The first major campaign run by Labour Youth was on Youth unemployment. The campaign leaflet advocated socialism as the solution to unemployment so that “essential industries and services shall be brought under public ownership and democratic control”. At the second annual Labour Youth Conference in November 1980 an emergency motion was passed calling for an end to the death penalty. The conference took place in Liberty Hall and was addressed by the Party leader Frank Cluskey. The mid-eighties saw heavy campaigns of solidarity with Dunnes Stores employees against Apartheid; Labour Youth members regularly joined the picket lines to fight against South African products being sold in its stores. Labour Youth members helped to raise awareness for the protest and donated over £1900 to the low-paid striking workers in their time of need. The campaign against low pay was the next major movement in which Labour Youth was involved. As early as 1985 Labour Youth helped to sponsor the Give Youth a Future campaign. Members were involved in pickets of dole offices, educational visits to schools, and a meeting with then Minister for Labour, Ruairi Quinn TD. Campaign organizers also submitted a budget proposal to the Minister for Finance. The campaign escalated into an organised nationwide campaign in 1990 after statistics proved what Labour Youth was saying all along: 25% of Irish workers were paid below the European Decency Threshold, 60% of those were women, and 70% of young workers were under the decency standard. In the 80’s Labour Youth reached its highest level of activity and campaigning. Annual conferences drew hundreds of delegates and most constituencies had active youth sections. At this stage Labour Youth was able to call and mobilise for demonstrations in Dublin City Centre that would attract more than 1,000 people. in 1988 Labour Youth membership reached a high of 1,200 members and a left based coalition of candidates including Joanna Tuffy took control of the leadership of Labour Youth. This ended the leadership of Militant within Labour Youth and the leaders of Militant were shortly afterwards expelled from the party. Labour Left, a section of the parliamentary party, had a number of supporters in the Labour Youth ranks and these members influenced the direction Labour Youth took in this transitional period. Members also played an active role in the campaign to elect Labour Party nominee, Mary Robinson, the first female President of Ireland. The Robinson campaign energised Labour Youth once again and led to an influx of new members. These new members formed the base of Labour Youth for years to come. These new members had a flair, like Robinson, for reviving and creating institutions that others previously saw as stagnant or unneeded. Two examples of such organisations are the National Youth Council of Ireland, which they heavily influenced in the early nineties, and the European Council of Socialist Youth, which they were instrumental in founding in 1992. This spirit of renewal continued with the creation of the Tom Johnson Summer School, a forum for all Labour members to discuss and learn, in 1994. During the early nineties Labour Youth Members continued to campaign against unemployment, emigration and on housing. Labour Youth members campaigned heavily for the abolition of fees which was brought in by the Labour Minister for Education Niamh Bhreathach. In 1999 the Labour Party merged with Democratic Left which resulted in the previous chair of DL Youth been appointed as co-chair of Labour Youth. In the summer of 2001 Labour Youth was one of many international groups that organised a 300,000 strong protest against the G-8 in Genoa. In 2002 and 2003 Labour Youth members played an active role in campaigning against the planned reintroduction of third level fees by the Fianna Fail and PD government. Several student activists involved in fighting fees in grassroots groups like the Campaign For Free Education went on to become involved in Labour Youth. In August 2003 Labour Youth held a special conference and adopted a new constitution and set of structures. A conscious decision was taken to move away from centralised top down structures to an acitivist model based on bulding Labour Youth on the ground. Since then Labour Youth has campaigned heavily on issues such as housing, anti-racism and against the War on Iraq. Labour Youth has also played a key role in the boycott Coca Cola and Shell to Sea campaigns. Our members were heavily involved in the campaign against Michael McDowell’s racist referendum in June 2004. Labour Youth opposed the formation of the National Government of Fine Gael and the Labour Party following the 2011 General Election, in which party leader Eamon Gilmore became Tánaiste. Labour Youth members played an active role in the succesful campaign to elect Michael D. Higgins as the ninth President of Ireland in October 2011. The number of Labour Youth societies in colleges has tripled and the membership of Labour Youth has also tripled in the last couple of years making us the fastest growing youth movement in Ireland.


Languages Society


We are the Languages Society in Maynooth University. We promote languages and language learning, making languages more fun for students. We host regular meet ups where you can make new friends, have some fun and of course learn or practice a language in a relaxed non classroom approach. Come join us for new friendships, experiences and some languages:)


Law Society


We at Lawsoc look after the hundreds of Law students that enter and study law in Maynooth. We have both a social side and an academic side. We organise the prestigious Law Ball which in 2015/2016 was held in The K Club, and 2016/2017 in Dunboyne Castle. This year's law ball is taking place in The Knightsbrook hotel in trim. We also organise a number of social nights in aid of charity throughout the year, such as "For the Lawls" which was previously organised by working with ELSA and FLAC societies on campus to organise much needed funds for the Student's Union Charity of the Year. On the academic side, we run presentations with the major law firms so our members are always in the know about internships and trainee-ships, which particularly come into light during out Law Career Fair which took place on the 9th October 2017. This year we will hope to organise trips to Blackhall on how to become a solicitor and Kings Inn visit us to discuss becoming a barrister, the dates for these trips are yet to be confirmed and will be updated on our social media sites and on campus. Mooting is also a huge part of the society's programme. For those that have not heard of it before mooting is basically debating with law and is a huge benefit for all law students. It allows you to become familiar with the law, practice work as a lawyer and looks amazing on your CV. Our society runs classes on how to get involved with mooting which ties into our Philpot Curran Novice Moot Court Competition which is for all those who have not mooted before. A number of mooting competitions occur across the country and working with the law department, and with their amazing continued support, we are able to send participants without having our members pay the entry fee. At Maynooth Lawsoc we also have our own flagship moot competition which is the Silken Thomas Moot Court Competition. The final is held every year in Carton House and all participants are given the chance to be dined at Carton House by Lawsoc while competing against some of the best mooting teams the common law jurisdiction has to offer.


Legion of Mary Society

Young Catholics on Campus

The Legion of Mary is a group for young Catholics. The aim of membership is to grow in our Catholic faith by community and doing work on campus. We organise a weekly meeting to plan this... taking part in things like outreach on campus, Christian music sessions, work in homeless hostels, bible study groups, letting people know about faith events on Campus and more. Our weekly meeting is a mix of prayer and discussion and afterwards a cup of tea and a chat. Each semester we also go on an outing together as a way to bond, have some fun and receive some faith formation (See facebook page for pictures) We meet every Monday at 1-2pm in St. Catherine's common room (the building with the chapel next to the John Hume building) Send us a message on Facebook or just turn up - everyone is really welcome.


Literary & Debating Society

Discuss, Disagree, Debate

The Literary & Debating Society was initially founded in 1795 as part of St. Patrick's College Maynooth and is the oldest society on campus. We believe that the written and spoken word are of equal importance, and therefore we give equal weight to all things literary or debating. We aim to promote freedom of expression, specifically by holding weekly literary and debating events such as house debates, literary circles, debating workshops and talks by guest speakers. Our objectives are to initiate, spark, and facilitate debate within the student body, with no subject too controversial to discuss. Joining Lit & Deb will be one of your best decisions in college as you'll have weekly events, frequent trips to other universities and a great group of people to look forward to. People join the Literary & Debating Society to gain a greater sense of self-confidence and to see different viewpoints on all sorts of diverse issues.


Mars FM Society

MarFM: Let's Get Campus Talking

Having begun our journey in 2014 as the MU Broadcasting Society, Maynooth Area Radio Station has continued to improve and excel among all other college societies. Having won Most Improved Society in 2015, and then being awarded Best Society overall in 2016, we are going from strength to strength. MarsFM welcomes students of all abilities to come and try their hand at presenting, DJ-ing, producing, recording and podcasting. We offer hands-on training and guidance in all areas of broadcast media and provide a great environment for our members to make friends and gain valuable radio experience. With two designated broadcasting and recording studios located in the SU Building, MarsFM provides soul and an atmosphere to the Maynooth Area like no other. If our society sounds like it’s for you, don’t hesitate to join us and our presenters in our goal to filling Maynooth Campus with the richest entertainment around.


Maths Society

Maths, Pizza, Problems, Puzzles, Banter

Weekly meetings talking about maths problems over pizza and minerals. Couple of other events throughout the year :)

This society is a network for students to get together, share ideas and common interests. From study groups, to campaigning for mature students, this society aims to support, inform and involve every single mature student at the Maynooth University.

We are Media Society 2018/2019! Are you passionate about getting involved in the creative world? Then this is the place to be! Media Soc is the perfect place to collaborate, create, and enjoy the art of media, with the perks of hanging out with like-minded people.


Mental Health Society


MU Mental Health Society is a society based around breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging important conversations to happen. We're all about having the chats, spreading positive vibes, encouraging each other and learning a bit together too. We put on several events a week including our weekly event "Creative Coffee" which, much like us, is all about self care. We drink tea/coffee, eat biscuits, and do a bit of art & crafts while we have the chats. Its all about taking time out from a daunting college environment to unwind and look after oneself. Creative Coffee also provides a welcoming space for when folks are tired, lonely, anxious or just fancy a bit of innocent fun. The community feeling is amazing. Other events through the year are very varied. There are some guerrilla style campaigns on campus such as "Random Acts of Kindness" where we descend on busy parts of campus to give out compliments and treats and just to make people feel good about themselves. We do free breakfast during busy study times, bakesales, quirky themed events and collaborations, and we campaign to promote self-care and self-love/kindness. We also address mental health topics in more serious ways with campaigning to reduce stigma and to promote understanding. We run informative and engaging talks and workshops. On top of this, we run an annual-day long-mental health conference! Our lil' slogan is #UnleashTheElephant as we wish to address the elephant in the room which is our health - something we all deal with but don't strictly talk about. Join our supportive, engaging and passionate group to be part of one of the most active societies on campus! We can't wait to meet you... :) SOME HELPLINES AND RESOURCES TO NOTE: 1800 793 793 MU Counselling: 01 708 3554 MU Chaplaincy: 01 708 3469 MU Health Centre: 01 708 3878 Campus Security: 01 708 3929 116 123 1890 3030 302 Pieta House: 01 601 0000 1800 778 888 1890 200 444 LGBT+ Helpline: 1890 929 538 1890 622 212 Crisis Pregnancy: Text 'LIST' to 50444


Mundo Latino Society

Un toque de sabor latino!

Mundo Latino promotes and celebrates all aspects of Spanish and Latin American culture by organizing events in which they can be enjoyed and experienced. Erasmus students, language students and everyone else interested in learning Spanish, enjoying Spanish/Latin American culture, Tapas nights, Spanish dance, and even Spanish football matches! There will also be conversation classes where everyone can practice to improve their language skills! We aim to create a friendly, warm and inclusive atmosphere in every one of our events, and have both events during the day and in the evenings so everyone can get involved!


Music Society

Not just for music students!

We are the Maynooth University music society! If you have a passion for anything musical we are the society for you, with branch offs such as jazz, classical and rock/metal, we have events to cater for everyone, from jazz gigs to battle of the bands, weekly lunchtime concerts and our much awaited music ball it's going to be a great year so make sure you're there to enjoy it with us!


Musical Society

Step into the Spotlight

Hey, we are the Musical Society! As our name suggests we are mad about musicals! We produce two shows every year, our Mini Musical Festival and our full scale musical. So far we’ve brought Grease, Rent Spring Awakening, All Shook Up and this year, Little Shop of Horrors! This year's Mini Musical Festival showcased 20 minute segments of shows such as Chicago, Carrie: The Musical, Waitress and Mean Girls. We also compete in musical intervarsities against societies from other universities, this year we are performing an excerpt of Rock of Ages! As well as our shows we have many events such as open mics, film nights and workshops. If you are interested in musical theatre and in making some amazing friends this is the society for you!


Ogra Fianna Fail Society

ar aghaidh le Fianna Fáil

Welcome to Ireland's largest and most active political and social, youth organization. We are the Maynooth University branch,, one of hundreds across Ireland. Whether you are a budding politician, soon to be elected leader of the world or just craving free pizza, Ogra does it all. From trips to the Dail, to in depth debates about current and past politcal issues and more, we offer a friendly and open society.


Omega Society

Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime

Omega: Maynooth's resident Science Fiction, Fantasy and Anime Society Omega is the society that supports you and lets you vent your frustration over mid-season/end-season breaks, the loss of your favourite characters and the inevitable heat death of the universe. We are the the society that will do almost anything, once we and can relate it to our collective interest in sci-fi, fantasy or anime. The society maintains a library full of novels, comic books and manga.

Welcome to the Philosophy Society, whether you study the subject or observe through life, you've found the place to be. We are taking philosophy to a whole new level. Whether you're an over thinker, or really on the brink-er you know you've found a home. We host fun weekly events, including walking discussions, quizzes, movie nights, ;what do you think; sessions as well as many fun collaborations with Maynooth's greatest societies. With cakes to spare and loads of fun to be had you'd be a fool to miss out. let us bring the Ph-un to Philosophy. We will have guest speakers, themed nights. open floor discussions and many fundraisers through out the year.


Pokemon Society

Catch new friends at PokéSoc

WELCOME TO POKÉSOC: MAYNOOTH UNIVERSITY'S PREMIER POKÉMON SOCIETY! Pokémon Society members are a wide arrange of Pokémon fans; anime nerds, Pokémon Go players, determined competitive players, shiny hunters... We welcome all! We offer Pokémon anime movie/episode screenings, battle tutorials, shiny giveaways, competitive giveaways, battle meet-ups, an expansive Pokémon Go community and a group of students who love everything and anything Pokémon! We at Pokémon Society welcome all to our society, as we strive to provide Maynooth University students with the best Pokémon experience ever within the academic year. Society Room is at JH7 on Thursday evenings at 7pm


Politics & Sociology Society

Politics is far too important to be left to politicians

Maynooth University Politics & Sociology Society was founded in 2014 with the aim of raising awareness of political and current affairs topics on campus. The Society is not politically affiliated, but is rather a community for those interested in political current affairs to meet people from all walks of life and engage with the political climate of the day. The Society aims to host a variety of events throughout the academic year not only for its members to enjoy but also to increase the visibility of political activism throughout the whole campus!


Pride Society

The place where everyone fits #PrideSoc

Pride Soc is Maynooth's LGBTQ+ society for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ and all our allies and advocates. Anyone is welcome as long as they bring an open mind and respect for all identities and orientations. We're a social society creating a space for our members to meet new friends, become an activist, go on some great nights out, become informed on LGBTQ+ issues, learn about yourselves, or just watch movies with some free pizza and banter. All our events and social media are safe spaces; so be respectful and confidential to all opinions, experiences, identities and orientations. So basically we welcome all and respect all :) (we are a friendly bunch :P)


Pro Life Society

We are the Pro-Life Generation!

Welcome to Maynooth Students for life! We seek to promote a culture of life at the university and the wider community, advocating the protection of human life and dignity, by informing students on pro-life issues, and organising workshops to engage all students. We wish to be a voice for students who hold pro-life views, and to become a place where anyone who is curious about the issues surrounding the debate can can extend and strengthen their knowledge. We have great events, speakers, and conferences planned for the year ahead.


Pro-Choice Society

Lobbying for bodily autonomy for all

We are an inclusive group of pro-choice students on Maynooth University campus. Our main goal last year was to campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment. The 8th is repealed and the 36th is signed into law, but this is not where the fight for reproductive rights ends. This year, we will campaign for and make students aware of accessible legislation so that the misogyny, transphobia, racism and classism of the 8th Amendment is truly eradicated.


Psychology Society

Once you have crazy friends, you have everything

Here at PsychSoc we look after the many students with an interest in psychology by hosting fun events and providing academic supports throughout the year. This is a great society to join and a great resource to have with you throughout your studies and time here in Maynooth University! PsychSoc has a great social side with our psychology ball, nights out and movie nights held throughout the year. The society is full of great people and is a good way to meet new friends. We host several guest speakers each year and attend the annual psychology conference at which anyone is free to present a project. Every year we take a trip abroad to a fun city with a psychological theme; last year’s trip to Munich was a great success and this year we hope to top it. We organise fundraisers each year by selling psychology hoodies and hosting bake sales which help to pay for our trips and events, plus we donate to a different charity every year. Suggestions for trips and activities are always welcome and if you need anything, the society is here to help :) The PsychSoc Team


Red Cross Society

A society with a difference: a society that makes a difference!

Maynooth University Irish Red Cross Society is at the forefront of pioneering medical service provision and duty of care to all members of Maynooth University and the wider community. We operate a broad range of services, including providing Medical coverage for MSU during Fresher's week, Christmas Day and the Beach Ball. We also provide event coverage for numerous clubs and societies during their intervarsity's and sports days. Our members also avail of the opportunity to experience forming part of the medical team at festivals and concerts such as, LIFE, Longitude and Electric Picnic each summer. Our primary aim is to take students and educate them in first-aid techniques, skills and practices, with the aim of giving them experience during some of the smaller events we cover. We also operate social care services by assisting members within the wider Maynooth community and offering therapeutic hand care to those in need and by assisting elder members of the community access and complete local social activities. We pride ourselves on our inclusive nature, and our humility to our community service. There is never any issue to large or small that we feel we cannot cope with. We encourage you all to join us at one of our training events on Tuesdays, 7:00pm in Arts Block, Classroom E.


Sinn Fein Society

For an Ireland of Equals.

For over 100 years now Sinn Féin has been to the forefront of bringing about change in Ireland. Republicans and Socialists from Constance Markievicz, James Connolly and Liam Mellows to Bobby Sands, Mairéad Farrell and Joe Cahill have brought us closer to our goal of Irish unity and independence. Today’s generation of republicans continue that work. Sinn Féin is now the largest party on the island of Ireland with representatives in all of Ireland's 32 counties including on local councils, in the Dáil and Seanad, the Assembly in the North, and the European Parliament. Our party is devoted to promoting the culture and history of Ireland while also trying to raise awareness of modern problems and injustices. Sinn Féin's main objective is the establishment of a 32 county socialist republic, in accordance with the wishes of our noble signatories. We pride ourselves on fighting for equal rights and equal opportunities for all citizens, be that in terms of housing, health, welfare or employment. Sinn Féin also actively protest against discrimination, apartheid and oppressive regimes in other countries. We campaign for freedom and liberty for the people of Palestine, the Basque Country and Catalonia. In MU, Sinn Féin actively campaigns on issues directly affecting students - access to adequate accommodation, student fees, reproductive rights, and host and take part in political discussion, debates and actions. We encourage you to join with us to create an Ireland of Equals.


Socialist Party Society

A world for the billions, not the billionaires

The Maynooth University branch of the Socialist Party - We stand for the socialist alternative to the dictatorship of the markets – namely real democracy whereby ordinary people take centre stage in running society, with democratic public ownership of banks, of key sectors of the economy and industry, and a democratic plan of the economy to provide for the needs of people. We frequently organise discussion groups, take part in, and organise, protests and information stalls here on campus. Our key focus for the past years has been the issue of the 8th amendment. With the magnificent victory of the REPEAL movement, a global rise of the feminist revolt against all oppression in society there's now a real potential for a challenge to the capitalist system of exploitation. We want you to join the Socialist Party Society – every new member can play a huge role. Join us today and do your part to end austerity, inequality, injustice, oppression and the enriching of a tiny billionaire global elite, while the hopes, dreams and rights of the majority of humanity are trampled on by capitalism.


SSDP Society

Students For Sensible Drug Policy Maynooth

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact of drug misuse on our communities, but who also know that the “War on Drugs” is failing our generation and our society. Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is the only international network of students dedicated to ending the war on drugs. At its heart, SSDP is a grassroots organization, led by a student-run Board of Directors. We create change by bringing young people together and creating safe spaces for students of all political and ideological stripes to have honest conversations about drugs and drug policy. Founded in 1998, SSDP is comprised of thousands of members at hundreds of campuses in countries around the globe.


St Catherines Society

A place of Encounter

St Catherine’s society offers members the use of St Catherine's Student Room (located between John Hume and the Primary Teaching building) made available by the Salesians of Don Bosco community. It is a place of 'encounter' where students can hang out, relax, play pool or foosball, heat their food and enjoy complementary tea or coffee. Through the year various events are also arranged for a bit of fun. To join simply apply on MSULife and come into the common room! The only condition is a willingness to respect the rules inside and an openness to others. The Salesian priests and brothers are also available to students during the day who want to chat or receive the sacraments. At the other end of the building their is also a chapel open to students who would like to pray or just sit in silence. For more information on groups and event in ST Catherine's, see the notice boards inside!


STAND Society

STAND for what you believe in.

The STAND society brings together Maynooth students who have a passion for justice and equality. Society members have the opportunity to explore the biggest challenges facing the world today, to connect with like-minded people to bring about positive change in the world, and to develop long-lasting personal and professional skills. STAND members can avail of the societies full programme of training and events, including the 8x8 Festival, the Global Issues course, The Ideas Collective workshops, talks and panel discussions with distinguished guests, the Diverge podcast and STAND News. Moreover, you can also volunteer in Ireland and Internationally through our sister organisation, Suas. And we offer regular internships throughout the year. STAND Societies are a great way to meet new people and get inspired about making a difference in the world! Begin your journey today.


SVP Society

Youth for Justice

The aim of the Maynooth Students' SVP - St Vincent de Paul Society conference is to tackle poverty in all its forms through the provision of practical assistance to those in need. The concept of need is broader than financial hardship. Therefore at Maynooth visiting and engaging with those in need plays a huge part of the society. There is a huge social element at the heart of this conference that makes it both enjoyable and hugely addictive. Maynooth Students' SVP is relaxed, easy-going and flexible to suit the student and the student can get involved as much or as little as they like. Some of the activities run are the weekly soup runs to the homeless of Dublin, flat decorating, training and courses. The society offers the opportunity to volunteer over the summer with Ozanam House, and Sunshine House who run day camps and holiday camps for disadvantaged children and teenagers throughout the summer. There are also social and fundraising events such as Santa’s Grotto, nights out, weekends away, BBQ’s, pub crawls, sleep outs, cake sales, quizzes, debates, guest speakers, charity ball, fun runs, guest speakers, and teaming up with the other University SVP Conferences throughout the year.


Tea Society

Taking life one cup of tea at a time

Tea Soc is all about sitting back and relaxing with a cuppa, a few biscuits and other savoury pastries and foods. TeaSoc aims to promote a relaxed, friendly environment where members can de-stress, make new friends and be part of the Tea Family. All of our committee members are 100% approachable and friendly and we are happy to answer any questions you have. We meet up most weeks, usually during the daytime, and our plans for next year are just awesome, if we say so ourselves!! Join TeaSoc for cool tea-related puns, a chill out, time to meet new people and make lifelong friends. after all, who doesn't love a biscuit with their tea in their favourite mug?? Feel free to conatct us at any time via facebook, email or even in person!!

In a world where we struggle so much with our everyday lives, finding our way and identity can be difficult. The Purpose Movement is a platform to share your stories and experiences. The aim of the organisation is to create a comforting environment where anyone could open up and express their thoughts on issues that aren’t always address in our everyday life. Our gatherings happen in exclusive places where members can share their views and beliefs. We address topics including but not limited to life, faith, society and culture. We represent a new multi cultural generation who are determined to heal from past wounds and that are willing to grow, move and evolve together.

Hey guys! Trad Soc is a great society for both musicians and people who like to just chill and listen to some good tunes! We are well taken care of by the staff in Brady's bar, where we have our weekly session on a Tuesday night. The musicians who attend the session range from beginners to advanced players, but either way your guaranteed to learn something new and have a bit of craic! We have a great year lined up, hoping to play at plenty of events, get hoodies and the works! So join up to guarantee you have a great time next year!


Yoga Society

Be a warrior, Not a worrier!

MU Yoga soc hold a number of yoga & Pilates classes every week for our members! Our classes run during the day & in the evening, so we are very commuter friendly. Complete beginner you say? You're not alone, the majority of people at class will be! "But i'm not flexible?" That's why you come! you will be touching your toes in no time! "I don't have a mat" Not too worry, we have loads and you can borrow one for class! All you need is yourself, a bottle of water and you're set! p.s You don't need to attend every yoga class, feel free to drop in and out of every and any class that suits you, there is no pressure to attend every class :) Each class cost's €2, and don't forget to pick up your loyalty card after paying your membership fee, as this will allow you to get your 3rd class free after attending 2! Make sure to like our Facebook page to keep up with our timetable and other events. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

The Maynooth University branch of Young Fine Gael -Ireland's largest youth political organisation, and the largest party on campus!