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Sinn Fein Society

For an Ireland of Equals.

For over 100 years now Sinn Féin has been to the forefront of bringing about change in Ireland. Republicans and Socialists from Constance Markievicz, James Connolly and Liam Mellows to Bobby Sands, Mairéad Farrell and Joe Cahill have brought us closer to our goal of Irish unity and independence. Today’s generation of republicans continue that work. Sinn Féin is now one of the largest party's on the island of Ireland. Our historic party now have 23 TD's in Dáil Éireann and 27 MLA's in Stormont, where they share power with the DUP. In the previous Westminster elections Sinn Féin won 7 seats. Our party is devoted to promoting the culture and history of Ireland while also trying to raise awarness of modern problems and injustices. Sinn Féin's main objective is to set up a 32 county socialist republic, in accordance with the wishes of our noble signatories. We pride ourselfs on fighting for "equal rights and equal opportunities to all it's citizens", be it in terms of housing, health etc. Sinn Féin also actively protest against discrimination, apartheid and oppressive regimes in other countries. We campaign for freedom and liberty for the people of Palestine, while also supporting the will of the people of Catalonia to be independent from Spain. In the past we have had Sinn Féin politicians come in to speak to us in the past. Last year we had Pearse Doherty come in and speak to us about his life in politics. We hope to have more Sinn Féin politicians come in this year to speak with us about the party, current affairs etc. We would like to invite anybody who is interested in Sinn Féin or interested in having a few drinks in The SU to join our society. We would like to invite anyone who wants to attend the pro choice march on the 30th of September 2017 to assemble at 1:30 @ Sinn féin building in Parnell square before the march starts. Tiocfaidh ár lá