This Week: It's Summer Break
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Mental Health Society


MU Mental Health Society is a society based around breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging important conversations to happen. We're all about having the chats, spreading positive vibes, encouraging each other and learning a bit together too. During the course of this year we'll have workshops, nature walks, speakers, gigs, busking, comedy, peace walks, defeating dementors, puppies, colouring, 24 hour charity chatathons. We'll have (questionable) dancing, sports, karate,chess, yoga, rapping, tie-dye t-shirts, trips away, slam poetry, acoustic guitar, film screenings, compliments, soups, sweets and more kindness, pictures of baby elephants, hugs and cups of tea than you'll ever be able to count. We'll have each other. Welcome to the MHS family. You are the most amazing people on this campus and we love you already. <3