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The Purpose Movement Society


In a world where we easily doubt and get lost, finding your way may be difficult and losing yourself can seem lonely. Have you ever felt broken, discouraged or feel as if you don’t belong? The Purpose movement is a movement and gathering of young people whom strive to discover their true identity on this earth. We are an organization created for those who don’t know who they are or where they belong. For those who struggle with friendships, relationships, education, family, anxiety, stress, worry, depression and so much more. We are aware we live in an age where at times we deal with overwhelming pain and heartache and some of these issues are not always addressed in our everyday life. We believe it is time we ultimately address and tackle these issues accordingly. We know the journey towards our calling and Purpose can be challenging but we believe that discovering the reason behind our creation will be the most fulfilling achievement we may ever reach. We aspire to be a community that can build, grow and evolve together. At our official society in Maynooth University we meet up weekly and host inspiring discussion meetings. We tackle light hearted but also challenging topics with the hopes that this will encourage you to be comfortable around other people and discover who you really are. Our gatherings are a place where you can laugh, cry, smile, reflect, heal, evolve and discover. We desire for it to be a place where you can come, open up and express yourself. So, be prepared to embrace a new and refreshing journey. Get ready to move!