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Common Grounds Society

Connecting Artists

MU Common Grounds Collective brings this spirit of artistic support and collaboration to the Maynooth University Campus. Providing a space to nurture the flowering talent of students, we want you to share your knowledge and talent with one another across different artistic fields. We started the University society to help you to create communally and collaboratively. To this end we intend to run jam sessions, song writing workshops, and other creator labs with the help of expierienced Common Grounds artists. The Common Grounds Collective is a group of self-promoting artists determined to expose your work to the audience that wants to hear it. Focusing on every artistic and creative field, we know that there’s a certain amount of genius that goes unheard; torn sketches in old scrapbooks, song lyrics hidden in a drawer, or photos forgotten on a hard-drive. All this deserves to be credited. Within the Collective, there are musicians, graphic designers, photographers, writers, stylists, film-makers, producers, directors and so many other artisans all eager to share their work with you, and help you develop yours. This is a wide circle covering all creative outlets, with equal opportunity for all involved. Don’t feel like your original work is unworthy of exposure, because the point is, a work can only be valued when it’s received by new eyes, ears, hearts and minds. We run showcases of local, independent artists, exhibitions, and workshops in a variety of creative genres all across the country