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Galway Cycle Training Cycles

10:00 to 00:00
CS: Galway Cycle

We organise weekly training cycles to both increase overall fitness levels as well as teach everyone the proper etiquette when cycling in a group. These cycles are at a comfortable pace (approx 25 km/hr) and everyone is taken care of.

Information on the training cycles

  • Saturday & Sunday mornings, 10am at the south NUIM campus gates
  • Here is the training plan (check out our training plan)
  • Attendance is taken at each training cycle
  • For insurance purposes each cyclist must be insured through cycling Ireland prior to attending the training cycles. See here for details on how to obtain the insurance.
  • Compulsory attendance is required at two mandatory training sessions. There will be two weekends in February  and two in March. It is compulsory to attend at least one of these February sessions and one of the March sessions. If you are unable to do so, please email the training committee to explain. (  Please see the training plan for specific dates for this year.

What to bring to the training cycles

  • Helmet (no helmet, no cycle)
  • Proof of your License with Cycling Ireland
  • For each training cycle, bring an isotonic drink, some food (such as bananas, chocolate, flapjacks etc) and some shopping money (€3)
  • Spare tube and a pump
  • Padded shorts – especially if you want to sit down again… ever
  • Gloves & warm footwear
  • Light rain jacket

If you have any questions about the training, please feel free to contact Bill (


Hogwarts 11:00 Meeting Room 1

Book Club

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Cuallacht na Gaeilge 13:00 Seomra na Gaeilge

Tae & Plé

An bhfuil tú ag iarraidh cairde nua a dhéanamh trí mheán na...
Cuallacht na Gaeilge 13:00 Seomra na Gaeilge

Tae & Plé

Buail isteach chun cupán tae agus giota plé!!
Omega 14:00 Meeting Room 2

Omega Library Event

Weekly meet up of the literary wing of the Omega society where people can come along to...
Olympic Handball 16:00 Main Sports Hall

Olympic Handball Training

Olympic Handball Training for Maynooth University. Newcomers welcome! Bring water and...
Ultimate Frisbee 16:00 Astro Turf Pitch

Open Frisbee Training

This is our beginner focused training. This training is open to both men and women and...
Mental Health 16:00 SU Meeting Room 3/4

Creative Coffee

Creative Coffe is our weekly meet up where we provide a chillout space for students to...
Equestrian 16:00 Small Sports hall

TET shooting practice

TET training for upcoming event in Galway. Come along for shooting trainging 4pm- 5:30pm,...
Aikido 18:00 PE Hall

Aikido training

All beginners and non-beginners are welcome to train at any class. Wear something loose...
MUCK 18:00 Palmerstown Pool

MUCK Pool Training

We hold our weekly MUCK trainings in Palmerstown pool every Thursday. We meet at our...
BLW Campus Ministry 18:00 Callan Building CB4


An evening of fellowship, dicusions, songs and prayer. Refreshments will be provided.
Chess 18:00 JH5 (JHL5) lecture hall

Chess Club meeting

Weekly chess club meeting to play games of chess, do some puzzles and maybe some chess...
Hurling 19:00 GAA pitch

Fresher Hurling Training

Hurling Training will take place for the Fresher team every Thursday. The time may vary...
Rugby 19:00 Maynooth University Barnhall RFC, Parson


Training for all male players too old for under 20s and all women's players.
Self Defence 19:30 PE Hall

Weekly training

Weekly Training, see you on the mats!
TaekwonDo 19:30 PE Hall

TKD Training

More TKD training! :)
Fencing 20:00 Phoenix - Small Sports Hall

Evening Training

Train with our coaches to improve your fundamentals and blade disciplines. Fencers...
Badminton 20:00 Main Sports Hall

Thursday Training

This is general play from 20:00-22:00 in the main Sports Hall please feel free to come...
Fencing 22:05 MSU Bar

Social Night

A weekly social night in the MSU Bar to help members get to know each other better and...

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