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Olympic Handball Training

18:00 to 20:00
CS: Olympic Handball

Olympic Handball Training for Maynooth University. Newcomers welcome! Bring water and sports gear that you would be comfortable running in. 


PE Classroom, Sports Centre, Phoenix 18:30 Meet:

Dance Fitness Class

This is our last big event of the semester. The class will be led by Ukayy, w

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Hogwarts 11:00 Meeting Room 1

Book Club

We read the Harry Potter Books and then watch the film when we have finished
Circus 11:03 small sports hall

Circus Training, partner acrobatics, han

Who doesn't like being upside down?  new comers always welcome, unicorns especially...
Cuallacht na Gaeilge 13:00 Seomra na Gaeilge

Tae & Plé

An bhfuil tú ag iarraidh cairde nua a dhéanamh trí mheán na...
Mental Health 13:00 SU Meeting Room 3/4

Creative Coffee

Creative Coffe is our weekly meet up where we provide a chillout space for students to...
Cuallacht na Gaeilge 13:00 Seomra na Gaeilge

Tae & Plé

Buail isteach chun cupán tae agus giota plé!!
Omega 14:00 Meeting Room 2

Omega Library Event

Weekly meet up of the literary wing of the Omega society where people can come along to...
Olympic Handball 16:00 Main Sports Hall

Olympic Handball Training

Olympic Handball Training for Maynooth University. Newcomers welcome! Bring water and...
Ultimate Frisbee 16:00 Astro Turf Pitch

Open Frisbee Training

This is our beginner focused training. This training is open to both men and women and...
Equestrian 16:00 Small Sports hall

TET shooting practice

TET training for upcoming event in Galway. Come along for shooting trainging 4pm- 5:30pm,...
Aikido 18:00 PE Hall

Aikido training

All beginners and non-beginners are welcome to train at any class. Wear something loose...
MUCK 18:00 Palmerstown Pool

MUCK Pool Training

We hold our weekly MUCK trainings in Palmerstown pool every Thursday. We meet at our...
DJ 18:00 CB9

Weekly Mixing Set

Our weekly mixing and tutorial slot.    This is the gateway through which all...
BLW Campus Ministry 18:00 Callan Building CB4


An evening of fellowship, dicusions, songs and prayer. Refreshments will be provided.
Chess 18:00 JH5 (JHL5) lecture hall

Chess Club meeting

Weekly chess club meeting to play games of chess, do some puzzles and maybe some chess...
Hurling 19:00 GAA pitch

Fresher Hurling Training

Hurling Training will take place for the Fresher team every Thursday. The time may vary...
Rugby 19:00 Maynooth University Barnhall RFC, Parson


Training for all male players too old for under 20s and all women's players.
Self Defence 19:30 PE Hall

Weekly training

Weekly Training, see you on the mats!
TaekwonDo 19:30 PE Hall

TKD Training

More TKD training! :)
Fencing 20:00 Phoenix - Small Sports Hall

Evening Training

Train with our coaches to improve your fundamentals and blade disciplines. Fencers...
Badminton 20:00 Main Sports Hall

Thursday Training

This is general play from 20:00-22:00 in the main Sports Hall please feel free to come...
Fencing 22:05 MSU Bar

Social Night

A weekly social night in the MSU Bar to help members get to know each other better and...

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